Too Late

Drugged zombie haunted by stained compassion and passion
Licking black blood of illusion and confusion
Reciting dead prayers both symbolic and hyperbolic!
Dancing in toxins all ionic and chronic!
But now…it’s too late all sanity gone… foregone!

Cockroaches on heat in dark love “spark”
Scampering for cover from light each night
Cramped in cracks no space for race
Dreaming of morsels in bins of sins!
But now…it’s too late, all guilt drank… sank!

Champion stallion amused by a colt’s revolt
Trotting in leisure laughing at filly’s willy
Pacing down-slope as a rider’s strider
Galloping away… from a mare’s stare
But now…it’s too late ,all hooves torn… worn!

Sweet Katrina gone insane now a hurricane!
Carefree agitations as night time erections!
Married to Sarus cranes mating in murky lanes
Leaking nest unthatched cursed eggs unhatched
But now…it’s too late, all wings broken…heartbroken!

©Meshack Sewe
…in life,when our wicked ways, secret schemes, or shameless pride take us too far , too far to appreciate others for their worthiness…too far to recover all those we have lost…a time comes for paying the full price…when it’s TOO LATE  to turn back and make amends.

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