3 Reasons Why Wedding Underwear is a Must-Have!

If fantasy is a flower garden of love, then a woman’s wedding day is a blooming season for its roses!  Don’t all women want their wedding experience as memorable as Cinderella’s love story? Therefore, as a bride, there are good reasons why wedding underwear is a must-have .

Wedding underwear should be spell-binding if not astounding… more so to your lucky man. But why should the wedding underwear be really important? What are the types a bride needs to consider and plan for? 

In answering these, let us explore further, and help you sharpen your future wedding plans and skills in style!

1. Wedding Day Underwear, Your Comforter!

As a bride, your wedding day will need your active participation, and at its best! Sitting, walking standing, and dancing with both grace and agility!

Wedding day underwear is your secret comforter. It should be worn with appropriate body shaping underwear and other support items for absolute comfort.

 When well selected, the underwear will also accentuate your shape, glamour, and confidence. All these will guarantee a stress-free happy day that you fully deserve.

2. Wedding Night Underwear, Your Fireworks!

After wedding day activities, it is time for you and your partner to have your love-night moment. This is the time to unleash your wedding night underwear with its night charms!

The moment calls for a more sensuous and indeed, daring lingerie. It is time for you to ignite a romantic love-fire for a blissful and fulfilling experience with your man.

Men are visual, always remember that! With uniquely styled sexy lingerie, you will wow him…and keep him guessing. Seize the moment; set the stage for a memorable night for two.

Boost your self-confidence, and knock his socks off! Wedding night underwear is your must-have charm.

3. Honeymoon Underwear, Your Explorer!

The wedding is a one-day event for many. The honeymoon is an extended celebration for just the two of you. Turn the celebration into a romantic exploration!  

It’s time for closeness, relaxation, and most importantly, creating unforgettable moments.

Do not assume your prince is colour blind! If you played smart, he should be able to identify your wedding night underwear. Yes, even in total darkness! Please don’t test him!

It’s exploration time and men love it! Sssshhh…this is a secret you must keep and guard! 🙂

In a nutshell, keep away all your past underwear. It doesn’t matter if they are your favourite colours or designer collections from France!

Surprise him with a variety of seductive honeymoon lingerie, and you will reap full benefits! Ignoring honeymoon underwear is a disaster. Avoid it and you’ll be his super queen during your honeymoon, and thereafter.

Final Word…

As you plan for your big day, it doesn’t matter whether you are a big-size or a small-size…don’t forget to budget for the big three: wedding day underwear, wedding night underwear, and honeymoon underwear.

With these secret charms, you can never go wrong. Your wedding day will be filled with sweet memories, not memories of discomfort! Your wedding night will be marked by romantic love-songs whose lyrics you composed!

And your honeymoon will be painted in rainbow colours for your prince to behold!Do this for you and your partner… for you two will be one, with shared sweet memories that you helped to create as well.

For 10 Best Shopping Guidelines on Wedding Lingerie/Wedding Underwear, check my other post HERE. If you are in need of compelling articles for your blog or business, feel free to email us at: info@awokenpen.com

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