My Return to Clay

Ooh! What will be the signs before my time knocks?
Will my caller yawn loudly as giant city clocks?
Will signals be hidden as a king’s torn socks?
Will I crack in pieces as cursed building blocks?
Will I snap and drop as fake Chinese Locks?
Will it come with a quake leaving behind shocks?
Or will it be blood-stained as a butcher’s mattocks?

Ooh! How could I know it would be this day?
When an endless heartbeat would fly away
In this windowless box I would alone lay
Witnessing tears and prayers they say
My eyes all starving smelling no ray
My window…a sad glass for their respect to pay
How emotions burn souls wishing I stay!

Ooh! How sudden their bonds now stronger!
Wasn’t I cheerful to a few to others, filled with anger?
Wasn’t I a friend to a few to others, a nameless stranger?
Wasn’t I harmless to a few to others, a living danger?
Wasn’t I dignified by a few to others, a homeless ranger?
Now drained of my waters, I’m a broken manger!
My tunes all muffled, it’s time for an arranger!

Ooh! Is that a shutting sound driving away any gleam?
Isn’t that a lifting feeling of being carried by a team?
Are those final prayers as tears flow like a stream?
Now red earth my bed, divorced from Sun’s beam?
Are those storms of soil forcing loved ones to scream?
Ooh… My final journey that never crossed my dream!
I’ve returned to clay leaving world‘s dark cream!

Ooh! Will my grave be frequented as links on Facebook?
How fast will they bury my poems and look?
Will one ever ponder what path my life took?
Will my memories be complex …for loved ones to unhook?
Will they set on fire my love letters and notebook?
Will all my family move on…with passion of a cook?
I’ve returned to clay no longer swimming like common snook!

Now gone, let go…no more time to grieve!
Now gone, keep living there are more to achieve!
Now gone, you witnessed it’s time you believe!
Now gone, rejoice it may be your reprieve!
Now gone, wake up you’ve lots to conceive!
Now gone, tread well no gain to deceive!
I’ve returned to clay…God’s judgment I’ll receive!

© Meshack Sewe

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