10 Best Guidelines on Shopping for Wedding Lingerie

At last your big day is first approaching. Your heart beats faster whenever you think of the day. Tuktuk!…tuktuk!…tuktuk! Sweet anxiety. You’ve got your wedding dress sorted. But did you remember shopping for wedding lingerie? Probably not.

As a bride, you will be the center of attention. Yes! Center of public attention, and of your husband-to-be. You want everything to be super perfect!

It’s a day to feel trendy, confident, and special. You must dress for it, and dress well!

But…What exactly is wedding lingerie?

Also called bridal lingerie, it  refers to your wedding underwear including your wedding nightclothes.

These include but not limited to bra, negligees, teddies, baby dolls, thongs, Chemise, and Corsets. These sound sophisticated and exotic, right?

Indeed! It’s the day you must look and feel sophisticated, exotic, and super gorgeous! The trick to accomplish all these lies a great deal in your choice for bridal lingerie.

So then…

Must you purchase all types of wedding lingerie? Not at all! But again, why not if you can? Of importance is that you go for what you need, what fits you well. You must also consider what is within your budget, right?

What You Must Consider When Choosing a Wedding Lingerie 

Selecting suitable lingerie can be a major challenge for you as a bride. This is because different lingerie shops will have different options.

It’s important that you keenly listen to all helpful suggestions reputable and specialized shops. Be guided but make your own final decisions.

It is a routine business day for them. You are just one of their daily clients. For you, however, it is a special day for a lifetime selection.

Some of the tips that will be key during your lingerie selection will be to:

  1. Consider only lingerie that fits you properly.
  2. Consider suitable shape-wear or slimmers during your selection.
  3. Ensure that your lingerie matches your wedding dress.
  4. Go for a suitable garter and comfortable panties
  5. Ensure your selection is unique, stylish, and sexy.

Equipped the above tips at your fingertips, here now are the top 10 guidelines you need to focus on when shopping for wedding lingerie:

1. Spare Enough Shopping Time:

Dedicate adequate time for your lingering shopping. Plan in advance. Enough shopping time will help you make proper selections.

Don’t let time pass by then rush for shopping at the very last minute.

2. Visit a Specialized Shop

Only visit stores that you have identified to be specialized in wedding lingerie. This will save you valuable time for selection. You will further access a diverse range of lingerie for a rich selection.

3. Consider Your Body-Shape

Irrespective of your body size, your wedding lingerie has to fit you and fit you well. It must also look best in you.

Don’t go for ill-fitting wedding lingerie, never! With a diverse range of wedding lingerie of different sizes to choose from, seek for help. Let salesperson take your body measurements, and guide you accordingly.

4. Choose Suitable Lingerie Fabric

Fabric selection should be guided by your need for comfort, sexy appeal, elegance, and exciting design details.

With a rich combination of cotton, silk, and satin, selection of fabric is purely based on your taste. Go for a fabric that you love, comfortable in, and that enhances your confidence.

5. Do not Court Disaster, Go for Quality!

For any type of lingerie you go for, always remember it’s for your big day! Go for one whose quality befits your big day.

Low-quality underwear exudes low value. This is your valuable day, and you are a valuable bride! Choose quality!

6. Choose Your Style with Your Partner in Mind

As a bride, don’t forget that your wedding day is not yours alone. Ensure that during selection, you go for what will appeal to your man as well.

Leaving him out is a mistake you must avoid at all costs. It’s your man, you surely must know which style of lingerie can stir him in style!

7. Focus on Appealing and Sexy Details

Don’t go for plain lingerie which can’t entice or seduce your partner’s curious gazes. Select lingerie with extra and captivating detail to entangle and paralyze your man’s love-eyes!

8. Make Your Own Selection

Do not be compelled into buying what you don’t like. Never ever! Ensure that your selected lingerie is unique both in design, style, and colour.

Remember: Diverse selection means divers surprises, experiences, and explorations! This doesn’t imply you can’t be guided into making a better selection.

9. Choose the Right Colour

Psychologists say that the colour your underwear exposes the kind of lover you are! This cannot be underestimated on your wedding day.

It is the day to show your true colours! So, which colours are the most suitable?

For a wedding day, colours to consider for your lingerie are cream, white and ivory. As for your wedding night, there is a wide selection to make your night memorable ranging from black, navy, and red.

You can consider bold colours for their vibrant and seductive appeals. Also available are pastel colours suitable if you are more conservative and sweet! Just remember to consider variety, ok?

Don’t pick wedding lingerie with similar colours! Don’t! This will “discolour” your partner’s experience and turn him blind!

10.  Have a Budget for Your Wedding Lingerie

As you plan for your big day, remember to also budget for your wedding lingerie. Whichever design, fabric, style or colour you prefer, ensure all are considered in your budget.

Bottom Line

Proper selection of your wedding lingerie is key to fulfilling the critical part of your wedding fantasies.  It’s important that you spare adequate time for your shopping.

Only consider shopping in shops specialized in lingerie. With a wide range of options, focus on good quality lingerie that fit your size, and of your preferred fabric.

During selection, do not be pressured into making purchases. Make your own choices. However, ensure that you selected lingerie is well fitting, sexy, and appealing. Only go for selections you know will also appeal to your man.

Be keen on colours based on your personality. Ensure the wedding day, wedding night, and honeymoon lingerie is unique in terms of colours, and style. Go for variety.

As you plan for your big day, remember to include lingerie in your wedding budget. Taking time to shop around early enough will enable you to to do correct budgeting.

Be the precious gift for your man on your wedding day and night. Package yourself well for him. Nothing does this well than a comfortable, intimate, sexy, and memorable lingerie.

You must get your lingerie selection right, for you and your Mr Right! That’s why when shopping for your wedding lingerie, you must get everything right!

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