How Video Intercom System Can Boost Your Security.

Trust me. Unwanted surprises can be a risky affair! That is why you need a video intercom to notify you of those who need to be authorize to access either your gate or door.

In this post, you will learn more on Video Intercom systems, and why you should consider them to enhance your home or office security.


What is a Video Intercom System?

  • A video intercom system is a stand-alone intercom system that manages the calls made at the entrance of your house, an apartment or your office.
  • Visitors make a call by pressing a button or dials a number at an externally mounted terminal. The terminal is equipped with both camera and speaker.
  • As a host, you are able to view your caller and communicate with him/her through a receiver monitor.
  • The monitor has a door Unlock button. If you press the button, the door’s electric lock releases the door for your visitor to gain access. You can opt to deny visitors access.
  • Since the door has a door closer, it will lock automatically after your visitor gets in or gets out
  • If you suspect that your door caller is not a genuine person, you can quickly take the necessary security precautions after denying them access.
  • A video intercom system can be integrated with other security features like door alarm system for enhanced security.
  • With an IP-based intercom solution, you can get visitors’ notifications through your smartphone. Through your phone, you can speak to them and even grant them access. Smart, isn’t it?

How a Video Intercom System Works

Which Is The Right Video Intercom System For You?

Selection of the correct Video Intercom solution for your door or gate should be based on the following:

1. Installation place:

Video intercom systems are installed both indoors and outdoors. You therefore need to focus on which options will suit your requirement.

a. Outdoor video intercom:

When integrated with CCTV cameras, this system allows you to observe who is ringing at a distance.

This system is suitable for your own compound or an apartment.

It’s suitable if the front door of the main house or where your apartment is located a couple of meters away.

The outdoor panel (street panel) is installed right beside the gateway or external door.

It is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

And so, your guests will ring from the gate, and you will get to see and communicate with them before allowing them in.

Internally, you’ll a receiver with a display unit which allows you to answer their video call.

You can also choose between flush mounted panels that blend with any wall surface.

b. Indoor video intercom

These intercom systems are suitable for apartments and offices with outer enclosures.

The system terminals should therefore not be exposed to harsh weather conditions.

The video intercom system comprises a unit right outside your door or gate.

Guests’ calls are received from inside your house or office.

The monitor consists of a display screen, a microphone, and an earpiece, as well as a button to trigger the door-lock release.

It is highly suitable in a working environment where access to certain areas is restricted. It is also suitable for homes.

2. Communications Technology:

Video intercom systems can be classified into analogue and IP technologies.

a. Analog video intercom systems:

These intercom systems comprise of an external unit that comprises of the external camera with push buttons that allow the visitor to make a call.

The system relays the video and voice via an analogue channel to the main display where the call is received. Some models take a snapshot of the caller if the call isn’t received, giving additional security.

b. IP video intercom system:

With these systems, the voice and video are relayed over a network as a digital stream to a display device connected to the network.

This means that you can receive the call even from your mobile phone or tablet (or laptop) from any location.

What’s amazing is that as you speak to your visitor, they will always assume you are present unless you tell them otherwise!

If you have a huge compound or multiple rooms which make it impossible to rush to the door every time you receive a guest, then the IP video intercom system will definitely work for you.

What’s more, if you are away, the call will be routed to your cell phone or tablet.

You can still receive the video call from any location. You do not have to be at home to know who is visiting you! Awesome!

3. Based on Connectivity:

There are Wireless and Wired Video Intercom Systems you can choose from.

a. Wireless Solution

If your facility does not allow for physical wiring, you can consider a wireless video intercom solution.

The drawback is that it can be subject to interferences from other wireless signals.

b. Wired Solution

Involves the use of cables. Ensures adequate security as there are no possible interferences.

However, the cables can be tampered with if installation is not properly done, or if the cables are exposed and, therefore, easy to access.

6 Reasons To Install a Video Intercom System

1). Security when you are around:

Video intercom systems provide additional security in that you will see who is trying to gain entry without having to answer the door first.

In the event of an emergency, you have the time to call for help and give the vivid description of the caller.

2). Security when you are away:

You can receive calls through your phones when away. Your caller will not know you are away.

With an IP solution, you can receive calls in any location any time so long as you have an internet connection.

3). Access restrictions in controlled environments:

Since video intercom system has an access control benefits, you can easily control who accesses which room or building.

With a video intercom system, you will minimize the chance of someone pretending to be an authorized person while making the call.

4). Integration with other security measures:

You can integrate the video intercom system with other security measures like a keypad where the guest will enter a code or a biometric reader for accessing restricted areas.

5). Improved insurance rates for the premises:

Improving your premise’s security gives you the benefit of better rates from your insurer. Thus, with the video intercom system, you can expect to successfully negotiate for better deals since you have taken the step to secure the premises greatly.

6). Theft-deterrent:

Most burglaries are opportunistic; that is, the burglar will not go through extensive planning in order to gain entry. Furthermore, installers can link your video system to an alarm system for enhanced security.

Searching For Video Intercom System? 6 Factors To Consider

As with all security systems, you need to consider a number of factors when selecting the video intercom system.

1. Cost

Different types, brands, and models come with different costs. For example, the analogue (wired) intercom system will cost significantly less than the IP intercom system due to the internet equipment needed.

2. Your needs

You may or may not need an outdoor all-weather video intercom system when you plan to install it in an apartment complex or within a building.

Ensure that you provide your service provider with complete details of your needs.

Also, if you are away most of the time, then an IP video intercom system would be more suitable for you as it offers more flexible features. Depending on your location, you may consider a wired or a wireless solution.

3. Quality of Camera Image &  efficiency

When image clarity is your key preference, you shall consider an intercom camera that captures high definition videos and pictures. You should also consider night-vision capacity when selecting a unit.

Ensure that during your selection, you focus on the system’s efficiency and stability.

Check the system’s details or do own research about the product’s reviews.

4. Camera and monitor number

If your premises include a number of apartments or interconnected offices, you should go for a unit that accommodates multiple monitors and cameras, instead of buying multiple units at the same time.

5. The warranty

As with all electrical equipment, you should only go for a video intercom system that comes with a valid warranty. This will cover you in case of malfunctions that cause you to require a new unit installed, thus saving you the cash.

6. Competent installation service

Before you settle for a security service provider ensure that they have the knowledge and capacity to serve you. Are they willing to provide after-sale support?

Will they provide training after installation?

Further, ensure that you have different communication channels through which you can reach your service provider.

Final word

Regardless of how secure you expect the neighborhood or street location to be, your security starts with you.

Thus, the video intercom systems give you a more significant impact on securing your home or work premises.

Since there are several options in the market, seek guidance from your service provider.

However, it’s important to ensure that the solution your receive fulfils your security requirements

Whether you are present or not, your door access remains controlled. You also won’t rely on the goodwill of the security guards (if you have any) to control access to your premises.

The video intercom system is one of the best security measures you can invest in.

Finally, ensure that your service provider can fully understand, and satisfactorily fulfil your requirements.

Since this is a security solution, your service provider should always be reachable when you require their services.


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