Penile Dysmorphic Disorder (PDD): How Can You Cope Without Health Risks?

No matter the size, every man will always mind his size! A man’s penis size, for instance, will always be a big deal as it touches on his sexual world. If it negatively affects his sexual pride, it’s a sexual disorder.  One such disorder is Penile Dysmorphic Disorder (PDD), or  “small-penis syndrome”

What exactly is Penile Dysmorphic Disorder?

Penile Dysmorphic Disorder, abbreviated as PDD, is a mental illness or mental disorder.

It’s a form of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) also known as dysmorphophobia.

BDD is when you are obsessed with your physical body defects which are not real but imagined.

PDD is, therefore, a condition in which you, as a man, are obsessively focused and ashamed of the shape, size, or length of your penis.

While your “willy-fear” is often linked to shape or size, it may include other concerns such as its network of veins, its curving angle when fully erected, and its penile skin color.

Do you know that focusing on your penis can be for a very minor reason, and often, for imagined reasons?

For no physical reason at all! Yes, just in your mind. That’s why it’s called a disorder.

Now, let’s do some random checks to find out If You’re PDD-free

  1. Do you feel disappointed by your dark-colored glans penis?
  2. Or is your glans penis super pink and not a little darker than those of “normal” men? Glans simply refer to the top part of your superman!
  3. Do you constantly feel depressed because your ding-dong’s thickness doesn’t feel meaty as you would have wished, but a network of thick veins?
  4. Maybe your baby-maker tends to curve sideways like a miniature bow when fully erect. Is it?
  5. Your fear is that it will never track your partner’s G-spot and blow it up for that magical orgasm you keep fantasizing about. Huh?
  6. Perhaps your Majesty’s length is the source of your fear.
  7. You think it’s too short that its full length will be swallowed into your partner’s hands with no chance for jobs to blow! Is it?

If you have some of the above fears, then your state defines PDD.

Nothing makes a man feel smaller than being convinced that his joystick and that of savanna’s dik-dik are close relatives!

But, you are not alone, brother! You are not alone. This is a common disorder.

Probably you are a mirror-lover! Are you always watching yourself nude in the mirror, stretching your penis frequently to make it appear longer?

And it’s only the mirror you can freely allow to willingly watch you nude, right?

Again, no need to worry. Many men are in your situation. You can overcome it.

Do Men Long for a Bigger Penis?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is does-size-matter-1.jpg

Yes! According to a research publication on Psychology of Men and Masculinity, a survey showed that out of 25,000 men interviewed, half of them felt dissatisfied by the size of their penis.

Out of this, 45% wished their penis could be longer.

Different research further revealed that out of 250 men who complain of having an abnormally small penis, a whole 98% actually had standard or normal size penis sizes.

Only 2 people accounting for 0.8% actually had a micropenis. This demonstrates that PDD is indeed an imagined disorder.

How Can You Detect PDD?

Men who suffer from PDD often prefer having sex in the dark. Well, If they’ve partners of course! I don’t mean sex in a dark street

They never let their partners’ eyes or hands get closer to their hidden bazooka! This would instantly drain their firing power!

Well, this is practically true because that which they would wish to show off is that which puts them off! What does this lead to?

A very boring “dark sex” clouded by deeply seated fears. Imaginary fears. Psychological trauma. Here are key test that will help you diagnose your condition:

Knowing Your Status: The 9   PDD Test Questions: 


  1. Do you feel your penis is not attractive enough to charm your partner?
  2. As you read this, do you feel distressed because of your penis size and appearance?
  3. Does the size of your penis cause you to avoid sex?
  4. Do you think about your penis size very frequently and you cannot just help it?
  5. Do you feel your penis size is affecting your current sexual relationship or has the potential of affecting your future sexual relationships?
  6. Are your concerns about your penis size currently interfering with your college studies or work?
  7. Do you currently avoid socializing like attending parties or appearing in clubs, etc.?
  8. Does the size and appearance of your penis make you uneasy during your leisure times especially when you are in changing rooms?
  9. Do you think your penis’ size and appearance is the most important thing about you?

Out of the nine questions, if you answer yes to just TWO or more, chances are that you are suffering from PDD, and need support.

Are PDD Treatments Being Promoted Risk-Free?

There are several sites and information that you probably have read about regarding penis enlargement.

What are these most hyped options? Do they really work? How safe are they?

Let’s check them out and assess if they’re really worth trying, or worth discarding?

#1. Cosmetics/Pills/Lotions-Do They Work?

And so,  in an attempt to fix your condition, do you resort to all manner of creams, hoping that they will make your penis breath with power: get longer, curve vertically, appear cooler, and perform better?

Sadly, these offer no solutions.

These creams have adverse impacts that may as well cost you your precious tool.

There have been online promotions for a wider variety of pills, creams, vitamins for penis enlargement.

However, there has been no scientific evidence to support their effectiveness. Please, don’t be duped.

Applying chemicals or taking pills that are not prescribed is a huge risk.

Before you take any pills or apply uncertified creams to balloon your penis, consult your doctor first.

They may end up screwing up all your screwing hopes and plans!

#2. Penis Stretching-How Effective Is It?

Penis stretching involves the physical stretch of your penis. You have to do it everyday and intensely using either your hands or a device.

The intention is to increase your penis length or girth.

There are a number of penis stretching exercise techniques that you can adopt at home.

While physical stretching can increase the general length of your penis, the increase will not be significant enough to boost your self-confidence.

Further, the minimal increase gained is temporal.

When you stop the stretching exercise, your penis will gradually get back to its original happy size!

It’s important to note that stretching your penis may lead to physical injuries and permanent damages that even specialized doctors may not rectify.

Doctors warn that intense stretching of the penis (Jelging) can damage your penis’ blood vessels and can cost you your gun. Is it effective?

Unfortunately, this has not been scientifically proven as effective.

#3. Penis Surgery-Is it Safe?

Many believe that a “huge penis leads to better sex”.

This is influenced by the porn industry and advertisements where huge penis owners are perceived as sex professionals! Don’t buy this misleading notion.

With overwhelming pressure, you may decide to go for a surgical operation such as penile augmentation. This is a cosmetic surgery to increase both the length and girth of your penis.

Medical reports reveal that there are many risks involved in such procedures leading to permanent deformities.

A publication in the International Journal of Impotence research describes penile enhancement surgery as a high-risk procedure.

Yes, high-risk. Just how high are you willing to risk?

#4. Penis Rings-Are They Good for Your Member?

There is a rigid penis ring (cock ring)  specially designed to enlarge your penis.

It requires that you pull each of your round balls through the ring followed by your penis.

Are you willing to take this route to be sexually cocky?!

Just remember,

Wearing this ring for a longer duration can cut off blood flow to both your penis and balls, and damage your entire penis packages. Are you ready for this?

#5. Penis Pumps-Are They Recommended?

Have you ever thought of stretching up your penis with a vacuum pump for a better and longer penis length?

While they may cause temporary gains, they will expose you to huge risks including pumping off your erection!

They are known to adversely damage penis tissue and hence not recommended. Say No!

Risk-Free PDD Remedies You Should Consider:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is stressed-man.jpg

More research in the effective treatment of Penile Dysmorphic Disorder is still needed.

However, here are some safe remedies you can consider with no health risks.

1). Identifying  & Avoiding Your Compulsion Acts

The first step is taking note of compulsive acts you involve yourself in.

These are acts that you undertake to reassure yourself that you are sexually normal.

For instance, how often do you masturbate or measure your erection to compare with what you believe is the ideal erection size?

Do you avoid getting into relationships based on the fear you have?

How often do you search for information on the internet regarding penis enlargement?

All these are compulsive behaviors that you can try to avoid by putting in much effort.

2). Contacting a Specialist

You can also see a specialist whose strategies can help you manage your situation.

While there are currently no universally accepted approaches for managing PDD, you can be assisted in adopting two main approaches as put forward by Dr. Wylie and Mr. Eardley in their publication “Penile size and the “small penis syndrome”.

These two approaches include:

a). Getting relevant education from a specialist on how you can manage your fears.

This may involve what is termed a Mirror-Work approach.

This involves watching yourself as you undress in front of a mirror while watching your penis as you would watch other people’s penises.

This way, your penis will appear larger than you tend to think.

b). Undergoing Psychological Treatment Therapies.

This involves behavioral therapies that are cognitive in nature or simply Cognitive Behavioral Therapies (CBT)

These are treatments geared towards building your self-confidence thereby crashing negative thoughts about your penis being substandard.

 Final Word

PDD  as with other Body Dysmorphic Disorders is a common clinical disorder.

It has been found that PDD also leads to erectile dysfunction.

This is due to the state of your mind which is obsessed with fear.

More research is however still needed to help develop suitable psychological remedies.

Many treatments that claim to remedy PDD like the use of lotions, devices, or surgeries have been found to have adverse health effects.

Further, there has been no consensus or proof that they are effective since PDD is not a physical condition but an imagined one.

As a victim, identifying and managing your compulsive behaviors are positive steps in dealing with PDD.

For any form of treatment being offered, always consult your doctor.

Seeking help from a professional therapist specialized in Cognitive Behavioral Therapies (CBT) is highly recommended.

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