Who Would Tell?

Born deaf to pleading voices of reason
Virtues roasted in sooty smokes each season
Rusty pride and arrogance of deadbeat dads
Swallowed by illusions coated as erotic ads
Defensive tongues sharpened to slash and slander
Public displays ugly as Japanese   Salamander!
But who would tell…
That the wild Casanova bears of Trentino…
Would be tied and sheared as   Australian merino?!

Feeding on mysteries as Manta rays of Pacific Islands
Competing for attention as Himalayan Highlands
Photoshopped to appease virtual followers
Digital seeds swallowed whole by account owners
Endless times drained in cropping, enhancing, tagging, sharing
Screenshots and selfies never cease trending
But who would tell…
That pampered beneath is hopelessness,  lifeless silicon.
Emptiness dressed to virtually hoodwink!

Feeding in leftovers as low-rank hyenas
Avoided as jiggers in public arenas.
Skewed mind displayed as oriental rugs
Sanity raped by fumes of street-brewed drugs
Conscience strangled… by rogue impostors
Cursed victims of marital or sexual disasters
But who would tell
That stained souls left in bins of filth
Would recover ….and shine beyond chains of birth?!

Male gorilla bellies abode glutton Land-cruisers
Drumbeat promises of power crusaders!
Sheepish minds fooled by faked stage dances
Songs impregnated by political stances
Slave-minds hypnotized as playboy actors!
Trickery episodes of wicked pastors!
But who would tell…
That their handshake would spread as lotus flowers!

Meshack Sewe©

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