Hello, Welcome to Awokenpen!

Thanks for passing by my blog. I’m a humble passionate freelance writer, blogger, poet, and a Tech-savvy entrepreneur/businessman.

What  Awokenpen is all about:

Awokenpen is a therapeutic platform where, I let my molten species of contents flow through into rivers, lakes, Oceans, and lagoons of public readers.

It is home to a honeycomb of my soul-born poems, and a pot-full of Articles whose themes have inspired me, and implored me to research, write, and share with you and the world.

It is my hope and prayer that, my Articles and Poems will infiltrate into:

Reading folders of scholars and academicians;

Folded scrolls of poets and critics;

Locked suitcases of travellers and explorers;

secured cash-boxes of entrepreneurs and investors;

Live-streamed memories of visitors and passersby;

And humble souls of common men and women!


Awokenpen provides a platform where I can interact with readers as well as those in need of high-quality and professional writing services ranging from:

  1. website contents
  2. Article for blogs
  3. Product Descriptions for e-commerce stores
  4. Customized Poems
  5. Digital Marketing

Our contact: freepen@doorstepsmartsolutions.com

Ones again, thanks for passing by.

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