Hello! Welcome to Awokenpen!

Thanks for passing by my blog. In this page, I’ll share more about me, the Daddy behind this blog!

I’m a humble husband to a beautiful wife, and father of three: two wonderful boys, and one gorgeous daughter. I’m a passionate freelance writer and a Tech-savvy entrepreneur/businessman.

I  started blogging way back in 2009 when my first Blog was conceived and delivered! In the same year, I joined facebook where I share my posts

Then I journeyed to the lands of poemhunter where I published my works. Fangs and pangs of creative writing bit me, infecting me to date! How chronic!


But before then…

I worked with two NGOs for over 6 years as a Program Officer and Program Manager. Project Reports and Funding Proposals drunk ink from my writing pens!

My training Background

Agric. Engineering and Bachelor of Business Information Technology-and still learning! (Jomo-Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology).

My Take on Training & Learning…

Other than academic training that provides the key foundation, we get real training through life, through experience, through people, through self-learning. Learning and Training have not limit!

What followed next?

I voluntarily got trapped into a cage of the business world where I still dwell!

For over 8 years as a company Manager, I acquired new writing scalpels! Scalpels that helped me cut through thick skins to fix cases of strategic business proposals, Business Articles, Website contents, Search Engine Optimization, and Digital-marketing.

Currently, I’m a versatile freelance Writer and Head of Business Development at Doorstep Smart Solutions.

I have been a slave to writing, and words have been my slave in all business engagements.

And Now…Awokenpen?

Yes! When a pen is literally awoken, what happens? It begins to glide at its pace and space. It leaves behind stained trails of words either on paper or on readers’ screens. I ’m inspired by words, desire to learn, inform, educate, inspire, engage, and entice.

This is what  Awokenpen is all about:

My therapeutic platform where, I let my molten species of contents flow through into rivers, lakes, Oceans, and lagoons of public readers.

It is home to a honeycomb of my soul-born poems, and a pot-full of Articles whose themes have inspired me, and implored me to research, write, and share with you and the world.

It is my hope and prayer that, my Articles and Poems will infiltrate into:

Reading folders of scholars and academicians;

Folded scrolls of poets and critics;

Locked suitcases of travellers and explorers;

secured cash-boxes of entrepreneurs and investors;

Live-streamed memories of visitors and passersby;

And humble souls of common men and women!

Most Importantly, Awokenpen provides a platform where I can interact with readers as well as those in need of high-quality writing services.

Ones again, thanks for passing by.

Feel free to leave a comment.

Your input and views are highly valuable and welcome here.




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