Now I know…

Inside, I stumble, my drunken soul, threatens to wither Breathless, my eyes I close, life’s puzzles I dither On a singing clock, blankly, I plant my naked stare Its shouting voice gives my closed ears a sweet scare Ooh, how rocky is my Rockies tour No rock souvenir to show! If everything takes time, why... Continue Reading →

I Refuse…

I refuse to be fed… On tribal soups of jeers….. spiced with bitter herbs of sneers…. I refuse! I refuse to be seduced… By black lights of ethnic casinos…dancing to sarcastic songs of innuendos… I refuse! I refuse to be splashed… With muddy waters of a tribal crater…dismissed as a non-human matter! I refuse! I... Continue Reading →

Where Is Dawn?

Once tickled as a naturalist holding a crustacean… Now paralyzed as twigs in ruins of Caesarean! ...Just where is dawn ?! Once sneering at the Sea as stone buildings in Jerusalem Now blinded by mixed faiths as clouds above Bethlehem ...Just where is dawn ?! Once sprinting uphill as stone-paths in Jaffa Now tattooed with... Continue Reading →

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