Where Is Dawn?

Once tickled as a naturalist holding a crustacean… Now paralyzed as twigs in ruins of Caesarean! ...Just where is dawn ?! Once sneering at the Sea as stone buildings in Jerusalem Now blinded by mixed faiths as clouds above Bethlehem ...Just where is dawn ?! Once sprinting uphill as stone-paths in Jaffa Now tattooed with... Continue Reading →

Who Would Tell?

Born deaf to pleading voices of reason… Virtues roasted in sooty smokes each season… Rusty pride and arrogance of deadbeat dads… Swallowed by illusions coated as erotic ads… Defensive tongues sharpened to slash and slander… Public displays ugly as Japanese   Salamander! But who would tell… That wild Casanova bears of Trentino… Would be tied and... Continue Reading →

On Your Own!

Raped by thorns in dark ghostly caves… Thirsty leaves blinded where shadows abound Nude roots lifeless as sleeping waves Take no heed and be rotten underground! It’s time to kiss the light…on your own Pregnant clouds entangled by love-chain… Seduced by lightning’s romantic blinks and winks Aroused heaven urinating streams of rain Take no heed... Continue Reading →

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