Hypocrisy Vs Honesty

The best way to remain popular is to be a hypocrite; the only way to remain honest is to be controversial!                                                                                       

Now I know…

Inside, I stumble, my drunken soul, threatens to wither Breathless, my eyes I close, life’s puzzles I dither On a singing clock, blankly, I plant my naked stare Its shouting voice gives my closed ears a sweet scare Ooh, how rocky is my Rockies tour No rock souvenir to show! If everything takes time, why... Continue Reading →

Who Would Tell?

Born deaf to pleading voices of reason Virtues roasted in sooty smokes each season Rusty pride and arrogance of deadbeat dads Swallowed by illusions coated as erotic ads Defensive tongues sharpened to slash and slander Public displays ugly as Japanese   Salamander! But who would tell… That the wild Casanova bears of Trentino… Would be tied and... Continue Reading →

My Red Velvet!

Love, help my hands write… A poem that whispers loud. With melodious songs to lift her up the 9th cloud! With lyrics that never fail to caress my super- tigress! With the passion to impress...that none can suppress! Love, help me write her a poem! Love, let my soul bleed... With words that nip each... Continue Reading →

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