My Red Velvet!

Love, help my hands write… A poem that whispers loud. With melodious songs to lift her up the 9th cloud! With lyrics that never fail to caress my super- tigress! With the passion to impress...that none can suppress! Love, help me write her a poem! Love, let my soul bleed... With words that nip each... Continue Reading →

Is Owlet Baby Monitor Good For Your Baby?

A woman’s journey to motherhood is never a smooth and joyous ride to a new motherland! It is characterized by a roller-coaster of emotions, physical, and physiological challenges. If motherhood tales are to be told, all speakers would be mothers. Fathers if present, would be silent witnesses! With the arrival of your bundles of joy,... Continue Reading →

My Return to Clay

Ooh! What will be the signs before my time knocks? Will my caller yawn loudly as giant city clocks? Will signals be hidden as a king’s torn socks? Will I crack in pieces as cursed building blocks? Will I snap and drop as fake Chinese Locks? Will it come with a quake leaving behind shocks? Or... Continue Reading →

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