Endless Dreams

I had a Desert dream… Devouring seedless Kalahari dates! I journeyed through a hot sand-filled stream Thirst burnt my throat with passions of first love dates Tossed by fighting dust I heard a whirlwind scream On vampire rocks I landed, my dreams turned to slates Together all pieces I glued…ready for a new Oasis dream!... Continue Reading →

Page Numbering Inside a Word Document

Statistics reveal that over 2.1 billion people worldwide use Microsoft Office suite in different fields of work.  Microsoft Word remains one of its top most commonly used  applications. A survey  by Creative Strategies revealed that 80% of students use Ms Word in accomplishing their individual tasks. Have you realized that many PC-users automatically qualify themselves... Continue Reading →

Too Late

Drugged zombie haunted by stained compassion and passion Licking black blood of illusion and confusion Reciting dead prayers both symbolic and hyperbolic! Dancing in toxins all ionic and chronic! But now…it’s too late all sanity gone… foregone! Cockroaches on heat in dark love “spark” Scampering for cover from light each night Cramped in cracks no... Continue Reading →

I Refuse…

I refuse to be fed… On tribal soups of jeers….. spiced with bitter herbs of sneers…. I refuse! I refuse to be seduced… By black lights of ethnic casinos…dancing to sarcastic songs of innuendos… I refuse! I refuse to be splashed… With muddy waters of a tribal crater…dismissed as a non-human matter! I refuse! I... Continue Reading →

Where Is Dawn?

Once tickled as a naturalist holding a crustacean… Now paralyzed as twigs in ruins of Caesarean! ...Just where is dawn ?! Once sneering at the Sea as stone buildings in Jerusalem Now blinded by mixed faiths as clouds above Bethlehem ...Just where is dawn ?! Once sprinting uphill as stone-paths in Jaffa Now tattooed with... Continue Reading →

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