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Is Your Website Delivering  Good  Results?

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Do you have a business website that you need to revamp to attract more readers, and rank higher in search engines?

Maybe you have an e-commerce store with high-quality products but customers are simply not buying. You need to inform them, entice them, and appeal to their emotions but you don’t know how. How about letting us handle this professionally for you and get results?

In today’s world, business “wars” are fought online, and the best fighters, attract more clients, get more sales, and beat the competition. FACT!

Now, Let’s Get Some More Juicy FACTS.

  1. About 80% of those keen purchasing products search for information online before they decide to make a purchase.
  2. 60%  of people search online to get key information on products they are interested in (They may not buy, but they’ll find relevant information for their future decisions)
  3. 61% of those who search for products online will focus on their reviews to have a feel if it’s suitable for them or not
  4. Before a customer decides to purchase a product, they will visit your website about 3 times…just to be convinced you are their right choice!
  5.  65% of searches that people make online are through the Google Search Engine.

To for an item to be easily searched, it’s source website or blog has to be optimized.

Here…check out what SEO means. Just remember, it Works, and we can help you rank higher.

Need To Beat Competition?

For you to beat the competition, you need your website or blog to have quality contents, and to be on the top list of the first search page. If current contents are not delivering results, we’ll revamp it and drive it to the top. Good content should be original, unique, engaging, and enticing a client/customer to make a purchase.

If you have no website, this is the time to have one at a very reasonable cost, fully optimized


Are You Stressed By Too Many Academic Assignments?

Pressures of academic studies can be really stressful, I’ve been there and I know this. Time is limited, but you have several class-work and research papers you are required to work on and submit.

Assessment tests keep coming, and you just find yourself overwhelmed. And they come with strict guidelines that more often than not, you’ll find difficult adhering to.

Submission deadlines are very tight. Some of these papers require intensive research. Perhaps it’s a Field Attachment Report and you are wondering how to go about it before you submit to your Supervisor. You may have no time to spare. You feel drained as you just have a lot of tasks starring at you. It doesn’t have to be this way.

No need to worry much.  I And My Team Are Fully Trained In Academic Writing, So, Why Stress Yourself? We Are Here To Take That Pressure Off Your Academic Back!


1. Writing Services

a). Article Writing– high quality,  well researched, engaging, and original articles that target readers. Rate: USD 30 per 500-word article

b). Copy-writing: Transforming contents into a marketing tool for informing, educating, and enticing clients to make purchases. Rate: USD 30 per 500-word web content

c). Proof-reading/Editing of Manuscripts: Negotiable based on the nature, urgency, and number of pages (Between $10-$15 per Hour).

d). Captivating Products Descriptions especially for e-commerce websites like Shopify, Amazon, etc. I’ll help you transform your website contents into sales. USD 30 Per 500-word content

e). Academic /Research Writing: Professional delivery based on set guidelines. Rate: USD 80 per 1000-word paper

f). Funding Proposal–USD 300

g). CV Writing/Letter Writing: USD 10-20

h). Creative Writing/Customized Poem: Composing poems for individuals, and organizations based on specified themes or events. Rate: USD 60 per 500-words


2.  Website Development & SEO

  1. Designing  Customized Websites and blogs for companies, and bloggers on WordPress platform-Rate: From USD 200-USD 1000. Advanced plugins charged for accordingly.
  2. Transferring your local website to a hosting server.
  3. Optimization of websites to attract more traffic and clients.  Rate based on requirements.

3.  Consultation Services

  1. Digital Marketing Consultations,  & Security Solutions such as security locks, CCTV, access control, and ICT solutions. We have professional specifically specialized in finding and recommending security solutions that will suit your needs.

Which People Do We Serve?

  • Direct clients like you currently reading this, and have some writing tasks that require a professional touch and feel
  • e-Commerce store owners (Shopify, Amazon, etc)
  • Established businesses who need expert digital marketing and writing services for their websites, blogs or for general marketing or promotions.
  • Individuals with writing projects and need partnership to achieve target goals.

Hiring Options:

  1. direct contact:
  2. Through Upwork where I’m currently a Top-Rated Writer: Here is the link. 

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