What Is It?

Is it your smile and laughter
                 that lifts my soul up in the smiley sky?
Is it your passionate hugs
                 whose warmth hypnotizes my body and caresses my spirit?
Is it your delicate fingers and hands
                 whose feminine magic throws me to the winking stars?
Is it your soothing kisses
                 whose waves sweep and torment me with bitter-sweet joy?
Is it your clear tears
                that open my inner heart to share your sadness and sorrows?
Is it your tamed calmness and maturity
                that even draws me much closer to you?
Is it your natural nectared beauty...
               when in attires or without?
Is it your caring love...
              your patience, your trustworthiness, your selflessness?
Is it your ambition...
             your dedication, your flamboyant personality?
 Or...is it all the above, your everything...
            That evokes lyrics of my bleeding love-song? 

What it is, my love?
Could it be LOVE?

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